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9th ADTOI Convention At Ahmedabad

“Domestic Tourism in India has been growing consistently at more than 13% since 1991. The year 2018 registered a record 1852 million domestic tourist visits within India, more than the International tourists, travelling all around the globe. With increasing passion of travelling among millennial and youth of India, increasing disposable income, greater ease and comfort of travel, application of digital technology in tourism sector and ‘domestic tourism-friendly’ policies of Union Government, India is poised for achieving greater heights in domestic tourism area.

The strong pitch for domestic tourism, made by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in his Independence Day speech urging Indians to visit at least 15 local destinations by 2022 has further energized the domestic tourism segment of the Country.

Anticipating higher growth of tourism in days to come, it is essential that the supply of tourism infrastructure and services should match with increasing demand. Although the Union Government has been trying to bridge the gap that exists in terms of infrastructure, services and skilled human resource, through schemes like Swadesh Darshan, PRASHAD, UDAN and Skilling, the country requires deeper and closer engagement between Government and the Private sector.

It is time that State Governments also enhanced collaboration and interaction with the tourism industry, tourism associations and other private stakeholders under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model.”

Attended the 9th ADTOI Convention at Ahmedabad and Moderated the Panel Session on the subject “How Can States Enhance Domestic Tourism – Under PPP Model”.

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