New World Gate Away- WellnessTourism

Here’s why wellness tourism will ascend in popularity in a post-COVID world.

Well, witnessing the current pandemic situation for a while now, it has been seen that mental and physical well being, focused on nutrition and rejuvenation is what talked about the most. India has seen a mount in wellness tourism of hospitality industry as travelers are now more into building up their immunity and health which has surged wellness into popularity.

Talking about getting back to normalcy after this pandemic, wellness tourism will grow to main focus for everyone as people are more bound to have plan their vacations which will seek for wellness. According to a report by Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism will witness a growth of average annual rate of 7.5 percent by 2022, which is higher than the rate of 6.4 percent annual growth of overall global tourism.

As India has decent amount of wellness resorts, it awaits to take the center stage with wellness tourism.

According to the Outlook Traveller ,  Anand Shekhawat, Regional Director of Aman Resorts in India, says that people will more often travel to places that offers health and wellness enhancing opportunities. With this, one can witness the major shift of health and wellness travel from simple spa and leisure travel. He also points out that India is a hub of many holistic streams of medicine such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Tibetan medicine, and more.

“The anxiety and stress due to COVID-19 can be resolved with holidays in wellness-focused places which offer the essence of these holistic therapies and Indian spirituality and well-being,” says Shekhawat. He also states that to combat diseases, preventive healthcare is a good step. “Practices like yoga, ayurveda, and meditation respect nature, and at the same time, they guide us on our daily physical activities, a wholesome diet, and simple methods of fasting and detoxing. He also states that, “Our menu comprises healthy dishes using the freshest local produce from Amanbagh’s organic vegetable garden.”


With this, many other groups of hotels and resorts are making an effort such as switching their services online and bringing in new audiences across the globe and giving personalized sessions to support the wellness tourism in a new way and to bring out a good amount of footfall.

This long COVID locked down has pushed everyone to think about their health , both mentally and physically. Therefore, people are now more planning their trips for detoxifying body,healthy eating and building up immunity. So, wellness retreat is the perfect thing for the new world.


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