The Next Generation of Guest Experience Technology

When investing in new technological solutions for a hotel, many become overly focused on the technical specifications and lose sight of the greater picture: The latest and greatest tech cannot succeed for hospitality if it doesn’t factor in the needs and desires of guests. In fact, a recent independent survey by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals and Hospitality Net (sponsored by Shiji) found that respondents in charge of information technology budgeting planned to invest more in guest experience-related IT than all others in the next year.

So how might hotels hope to make their property stand out if next year brings us a wave of new guest-experience-based tech rollouts? Of course, one must cover the bases, such as ensuring fast and reliable Wi-Fi. But once the bases are covered, differentiation may be found by thinking outside the box. Indeed, thinking creatively about how a hotel might use tech to improve the guest experience just might be the real differentiator.

There are some hotels that have taken this philosophy to heart, each embracing the latest technology with the explicit purpose of improving the guest experience and a strong focus on the “wow factor.” For example, the NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse, offers business travelers a unique feature with its 3-D projector, used to create holographic presentations. While this will not be used by every guest, it positions it as an ideal host for cutting-edge business minds. Another hotel that has taken a unique approach to visuals is Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poland. This tech-advanced property invites guests to participate in a techno-artistic experience as soon as they arrive, incorporating surveillance-style footage into digital imagery in the lobby.


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